Guild most powerful
There guilds yet.

Rates and Quests
Exp rate: 3x
Skill rate: 3x
Magic rate: 3x
Loot rate: 2x

Djinn quest: Enabled
Rashid: Enabled for PREMIUM
Protocol: 7.40 real map.
NPCs and Quests: All available quests from protocol 7.40 should exist here including all NPCs with the correct dialogues.

Pits of Inferno: Available. To access it get the holy tible from Oldrak in POH temple.

Additional Information
Frags for Redskull (day): 4
Redskull Time (day): 7
Frags for Banishment (day): 7
Frag time per kill: 24 hours.
Party Shared Exp: In order to enable party exp share you have to say "/share" without the quotation mark, you may not have a pz-lock and the members of the party has to be in a certain level-range similar to yours.
Promotion cost: 20000 gold coins
Each blessing cost: 10000 gold (total: 50000 gold)
Amulet of loss cost: 50000 gold coins
Task system: Enabled (NPC Donald McRonald)

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Server status
World: Tibia Old
Status: Online
Uptime: 15h 24m
Players: 0/500